The Oaks of Wilmington

For hundreds of years Laurel Oaks have graced Wilmington providing a canopy over much of our city. Laurel oaks are supposed to have a life span of two hundred years, but in Wilmington they barely live to be one hundred. This is because they succumb to what is known as "heart rot," when fungi feed on the dead interior of the tree. And though the canopies still look green and healthy, the internal decay can cause them to just fall over even when there's not a storm to provoke collapse.

Three times in recent years the City and State have removed Laurel Oaks that have become a threat to the cars and people below them or needed to be removed for street widening.
* 2013 - Orange Street at the Children's Museum of Wilmington
* 2014 - Market Street between 17th and 21st streets
* 2015 - 4200 block of Market Street at Sonic Drive-In

Laurel Oak from these three locations have been incorporated into my work.